The Benefits of a Bug Shield

If you practice good automotive care habits, you take the time to keep your ride clean. But if you are like most people, you probably don’t enjoy having to scrape bugs off of your car at the car wash in order to keep your car looking good. Even more annoying are the bugs that splatter onto your windshield while you are driving which make it difficult for you to see. These are the problems that prompted manufacturers of automotive care products and car and truck accessories to produce bug guards.

Truck Grill

Bug guards are one of the best known automotive accessories. These devices attach to the front of a vehicle and provide a barrier to prevent bugs, rocks and other debris from striking the hood and windshield of a vehicle. In addition to providing a physical barrier, bug guards create an updraft of air that propels bugs and other light debris up and over the vehicle. Bug guards are one of the most useful of all of the truck accessories on the market. These guards are especially useful on trucks due to the steep angle of the windshield in most trucks and the height of trucks which makes automotive care difficult. The steep angle of the windshield also makes it more likely that a truck’s windshield will be struck by bugs and other objects.

While most people think of bug guards as truck accessories, they are also produced to be used on cars and other automobiles. Bug guards for cars often have a lower profile than those made for trucks. This makes them less noticeable and helps them to blend in on sports cars and others with sleek lines. However, far from being an aesthetic detriment, a bug guard on a nice car can give the car a unique look to help it stand out from the crowd.

Bug shields are one of the most convenient automotive accessories on the market. This is due to the guards being affordable, easy to attach to a vehicle and useful. In fact, the small cost of a bug guard relative to the cost of a new windshield or paint makes a bug guard a great automotive care investment. Unlike many other automotive accessories, bug guards can also be quickly removed without doing damage to the paint or finish on a car.

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