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Whether you are looking for a better sound, more performance, or a loud growl that is coming out of the back of your truck, Jeep, or SUV- Pro Trucks and Cars can handle whatever you throw at them. Most people hear an exhaust or see something that they think would be perfect for their ride, but before you buy anything, you want to call the team at Pro Trucks who can give you great advice on your performance exhaust upgrades. From standard installation to custom installation, Pro Trucks and Cars will make sure that your exhaust not only looks, sounds, and is installed right, but also so that it will installed to the high standards that we have. A new exhaust can help your vehicle sound better, go faster, and get better performance and gas mileage depending on what type you go with and how it is installed.

We carry exhausts for anything from Jeeps, to Trucks, Diesels, to Cars, and just about everything else you can throw at us. Make sure you stop in and talk to one of our shop techs who can lead you in the right direction.

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