Not for the Faint-hearted

High torque, high horsepower and high bumpers are the buzzwords in today’s automotive care and truck accessories marketplace. Form is definitely following function in the mud bogs, over rock-climbing courses, and navigating the trails in the wooded country. Despite rising fuel costs, truck owners are outfitting their rides with truck accessories for dual-purpose use and heading out for fun.

Truck Accessories

Today’s trucks are a far cry from the stripped down utility beasts used on the family farm 30 or 40 years ago. With the increase in interest in their driving ability, the automotive care aftermarket has stepped up to the plate. Suspension, engine modification, lighting and body protection all fall under the umbrella of automotive care for the truck enthusiast. While some truck owners can afford their daily use truck and campaign a dedicated off-road vehicle, a greater number of truck owners must adapt to the “run what ya brung” mentality and ensure their truck will get them there and home.

PRO Trucks and Cars out of Pittsburgh, PA is one company that offers a full range of truck accessories and automotive care products to get the most performance possible from a customer’s ride. Besides selling the top of the line upgrades and accessories, PRO Trucks also offers a team of professional installers and builders to make sure their customers get the most bang for their buck. With suppliers like Magnaflow, Rancho, Mickey Thompson, K&N and BDS to name a few, PRO Trucks and Cars has stepped up to the automotive care plate and ensures their customers the best quality and performance when it comes to truck accessories.

When deciding to make the leap into a modified vehicle, be it truck or car, having a plan can keep costs down and performance high. Knowing the intended use will determine which upgrades are necessary or recommended. For straight performance gains, any builder will stress opening up the flow of the engine. Tuned exhaust, headers and a performance-oriented intake are basic no-nonsense upgrades. “Chipping” today’s engine systems also ensures the greatest tweaking from fuel injection and computer timing and engine management. Off-roaders know the equally important upgrade to their vehicles is suspension and tires. Hooking up in the mud and being able to get through and over obstacles is vital, and the proper tire and wheel combination as well as the right shocks, struts and suspension pieces is not a place to skimp.

Just buying a few truck accessories and tossing them on your Dodge or Ford won’t cut it in the mud nowadays. The automotive care industry has listened to their customers, seen the need, and responded in kind. It’s a whole new breed of truck and truck owner taking to the backwoods. And the truck accessories suppliers know you either go big or go home.