Upgrading to Custom Rims and Tires

Custom rims and wheels give you the option of making the ride your own. The customization option gives you several advantages in addition to enhancing the appearance of the vehicle. Upgrading to custom rims and tires gives you the opportunity to improve both the handling and performance.

Better handling for vehicles

People come to Pro Trucks in Pittsburgh to get custom wheels for better handling.
Experts that design the wheels are careful to ensure that the custom tire doesn’t exceed the recommended weight, promoting balance. The weight reduction advantages facilitate acceleration. The tires also ease the tension in braking. The smooth braking experience slows wear and tear on the brakes. Custom tires eliminate problems with deflection, which improves safety and better equips the car to better handle corners.

Durability and custom wheels

Custom wheels are also more durable than the standard tires that come with the vehicles. Some wheels bend more easily. Investing in low pressure wheels slows wear and tear on the vehicles. Custom tires are designed to support improved ventilation and feature larger openings for optimal air flow. The especially designed tires like aluminum alloy styles increase air flow, which keeps the brakes cool as driven. Where larger tires contribute to larger rotating mass, a smaller tire causes the brakes to work more efficiently with less stress.

Cost savings

Owners begin to immediately benefit from investing in custom tires. The lighter tires improve gas mileage for the vehicle. Optimal air flow provided through ventilation for the brakes mean less repairs and servicing. Heavier, corrosion resistant tires shields the tires from unnecessary wear and help the vehicle perform reliably in a variety of road conditions.

Custom tires from Pro Trucks allow Pittsburgh drivers to personalize their vehicles. Durability, cost savings and better handling are other advantages to having custom tires. Pro Trucks can match you with the best set of tires and rims ideal for your driving and aesthetic preferences, guaranteeing you value and a safer, smoother ride.