Improving Your Off-Roading Experience


Unless a driver enjoys pushing through tooth-loosening vibrations, the first upgrade any off roading enthusiast should look at is beefing up the tires. Sure, it seems like a no-brainer, but there are know-it-alls out there that think truck upgrades are about looking cool, and they pump in cash for unnecessary extras that neither increase control nor smooth the ride. Don’t become a victim of the “must-have,” syndrome. Stick to the essentials, at least in the initial stages. The fun and adrenaline rush will come, and it’ll be that much more satisfying with the right off roading parts.

Off Roading

Tires and suspension keep vehicles in control. Without these essential upgrades even the best driver is doomed to spiral out of control as the terrain changes from stable and dry ground to dirty mud. There may be the sting of opening a wallet and spending more cash on wider, larger tires with deep treads, but at least this ensures the off roading experience is fully prepared for any surprises, and that’s smart thinking when dealing with machine against nature.

Truck upgrades will be shaken apart unless the parts are made from materials engineered for something more than the asphalt regular folk travel across. Look to manufacturers with decades of know-how in fashioning top off roading components, including wheels made from lightweight but rugged metal alloys. Soften the journey as much as possible with car upgrades that use dedicated suspension for ultimate stability, especially if the vehicle offers 4-wheel drive. But for the supreme off roading experience, equip the vehicle with a lift kit, raising the chassis to a monstrous height. This kit enables truck upgrades to reach new heights, both metaphorically and literally. Car upgrades share the benefits of lift kits, although it’s generally larger vehicles, SUV’s and such that are fitted with these superior suspension contraptions. A compact car would look very strange with a lift kit, although it would be fun to see.There’s no need to be a seasoned off-road enthusiast, master of all terrains, but there is a requirement to come into the world of truck upgrades with at least a little vehicle smarts. Car upgrades designed for tough country means choosing tires based on more than looking cool. Traction factors are accounted for by selecting tires that are larger than stock, a choice that will bring greater ground clearance for car upgrades fanatics with a passion for taking the vehicle across shallow water or down muddy trails. Tread pattern is just as important as size, since this is the factor that will ensure the tire matches the terrain.

The job isn’t finished just yet. Car upgrades need further upgrades to balance what’s been altered. Gear ratios need to be altered to match the changes. The change in tire size in the most recent series of truck upgrades means a change in brakes, too. Opt for high-quality brakes with ceramic lining and an upgrade in brake calipers to cope with increased braking of large tires on steep slopes.