When someone buys a truck, they might want to improve their vehicle’s performance in a variety of ways. Some owners want better mileage, especially if they are concerned about the price of gas. Others might not be as concerned with fuel efficiency and want a vehicle with more power. Small changes can help a truck’s performance and can easily be done with a few basic supplies. Depending on the owner’s capabilities and mechanical knowledge, other jobs might be better if they are done by a mechanic.

One simple change can be done when the owner stops to refuel – pour fuel-system cleaner directly into the gas tank. This will help clean out engine build-up that can clog up parts and cut down on efficiency. Most of the cleaners direct the user to put the liquid into a tank that is nearly empty and then fill up with gas. Another fairly easy upgrade is to use a high-performance air filter, which allows oxygen to flow more freely through the engine. Air is needed to keep a fire burning; this is especially necessary when it comes to improving truck performance. The more air that an engine has, the better the engine will work. An upgraded air filter should help the vehicle run better.

Another change that might be a bit more complicated is to adapt the exhaust system to a dual-engine exhaust. This allows the air to leave the vehicle with less resistance, thereby improving engine performance. A professional can do the job, which involves bending pipes, for a truck owner. Instead of adapting the pipes, the vehicle owner might want to consider installing wider exhaust pipes. These accessories accomplish the same purpose through a slightly different method. A professional can advise the owner as to which method would work best on their vehicle. If the owner decides to do the job themselves, they should remember to let the engine cool down before working on the exhaust system as it could be too hot to touch.

The vehicle owner might decide to upgrade their spark plugs and wires, which can also enhance the vehicle’s performance by using gas more efficiently. The parts aren’t generally too expensive, and again, some people might opt to do the job themselves. Others might decide to have a mechanic work on their vehicle.

In addition to those already listed, a variety of aftermarket products and accessories can also enhance truck performance and fuel economy. These include performance intakes, mufflers, chips and other fuel-injection liquids. However, the owner should be careful when using products that make outrageous claims of improved performance. The old adage still applies that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.