Winter Preparation

If you stay in an area that gets harsh winter weather, you must purchase the proper accessories to protect yourself and your vehicle. For truck owners, there are seven winter accessories that are worth buying from an automotive accessories shop, such as Protrucks and Cars.

Snow Preparation

Truck Performance Accessories – Mud Flaps

Mud flaps are cool accessories that keep your truck clean and safe. Without mud flaps, chunks of ice may hit your truck.

Truck Performance Accessories – Proper Tires

In cold environments, a sudden snow storm can occur at any moment. This is why your truck must have tires that can handle all winter weather conditions. The specialists at Protrucks and Cars can help you select the proper tires.

Floor Mats

If you have an expensive truck, you should buy several floor mats because passengers will bring snow and mud into your vehicle. When the floor mats are down, the carpeting in the truck will be protected. At Protrucks and Cars, floor mats are sold at reasonable prices.

Truck Performance Accessories – Snow Plows

In cities where severe snow storms occur, snow usually blocks an entire driveway. In this situation, a snow plow is a valuable tool.

Truck Performance Accessories – Portable Jump Starter

During an ice storm, the cold air can drain your battery. However, by using a portable jump starter, you can easily start your truck without using jumper cables.

Portable Car Heater

In a blizzard, a portable car heater will be quite useful if you are ever stranded because it will keep everyone warm and toasty inside your truck. The device will provide plenty of heat until help arrives.

Tow Straps

Since cold weather affects automotive equipment, you may need to move a friend’s vehicle at some point. Tow straps are handy tools because they can pull a small car with ease.

Additional Winter Preparation Advice

Check Your Battery

The water in your battery should cover the lead plates. Add distilled water if the water level is low.

Inspect Your Tires

In cold weather, your tire pressure will decrease. So, always adjust the pressure according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

For more information for winter weather accessories, visit Protrucks and Cars in Murrysville PA.