Do You Idle Your Car?

Some people still believe the myth that idling their car for several minutes will help keep it running smoothly for a longer time period. In reality, any expert on auto parts Pittsburgh will tell you that idling your car is perfectly useless and can actually be dangerous. Simply put, there is no reason for you to idle a modern car anymore, despite the myths that you may have heard from your parents and grandparents.

Idling Your Car

During the winter, many drivers idle their car for several minutes, mistakenly believing that this will help their car warm up faster. In reality, this simply isn’t true anymore. By idling your car, you will actually force it to run in the most inefficient way possible.

If you want to warm up your car during the cold winter months, the best way to do so is to drive it moderately after you start the engine. A modern car only needs to idle for a couple of seconds before it can be driven. Furthermore, the batteries installed in modern cars use less power to start the engine and can recharge themselves a lot faster, all of which makes idling unnecessary. If you think that there is something wrong with your car’s battery or need a new one, an auto parts Pittsburgh store is the best place to buy one. ProTrucks and Cars, located in Murrysville, PA, has a wide selection of auto parts for your needs.

Idling your car needlessly is also dangerous to human health and the environment. According to information collected from resources in Canada, 1.4 billion gallons of gasoline are wasted by drivers that idle their cars, which results in 13 million tons of carbon dioxide being released into the environment. Many people come into an auto parts Pittsburgh store looking for ways to make their car more fuel efficient, but cutting down on idling will help save a lot of fuel and also have a positive impact on the environment.

Many cities have passed anti-idling ordinances due to the possible negative health effects associated with that practice. The exhaust from idling vehicles can be just as dangerous as cigarette smoke to people, as it has been linked with increased rates of respiratory problems, various lung diseases and exposure to it can also increase the chances of an individual getting cancer.

If you take action to cut down on idling, you will also save a lot of money on wasted gas. In fact, some drivers waste over a hundred dollars in gasoline each year by idling their vehicles. The money that you save on gasoline can be put to better use, such as car maintenance that can help your vehicle run smoothly and reliably for a longer period of time. Sellers of auto parts Pittsburgh have many auto parts that you can use to take care of your car.