Exhaust Systems

A high performance exhaust system can add more power and torque to any vehicle. An excellent exhaust system releases exhaust gases quickly and helps the engine breathe more efficiently. Below is a comparison of three high performance exhaust systems.

 Gibson Performance Exhaust System

The Gibson Exhaust System offers increased horsepower and torque. This system can be custom tuned and designed for the specific year, make, and model of any vehicle. The Gibson system offers enhanced engine efficiency that helps to improve fuel economy. This system provides off-the-line acceleration and increased towing torque. The system is designed using SuperFlow straight-through mufflers, which offer nearly zero backpressure. It is important to add that the system incorporates an innovative “Slip Fit” connection that helps to smooth out turbulence and decrease backpressure. The muffler on The Gibson is shaped using a chambered and baffled design that offers a deep yet rich rumble. The system is designed using a simple and easy bolt-on installation process.

Key Features

Includes well-polished T304 stainless steel tips
Available in an assortment of styles that are designed to match driving styles
Custom built using 409L stainless steel or heavy-duty aluminized steel
Available with zinc-plated hangers that offer a simple installation process

MBRP Exhaust Systems

The MBRP system allows the user to customize the installation and select from up to 7 powerful systems. The exhausts are available in both dual and single systems. There are also side and rear exits available depending on the vehicle. Unlike the Gibson Exhaust System, the MBRP can be custom built using aluminized steel, T304 stainless steel, or T409 stainless steel. All parts are assembled and hand welded for a precise fit. MBRP systems feature mandrel bent tubes that provide a deep rumble without increased cab drone. MBRP systems are custom designed to offer a massive amount of free-flowing power.

Key Features

Easy installation incorporating a bolt-on design for factory mounts
Includes all required hangers, hardware, clamps, and instructions
Powered using MBRP flow-through mufflers

Banks Power Exhaust Systems

The Banks Power Exhaust System decreases backpressure considerably and can triple exhaust flow. This system uses a 100% pure stainless steel design and the tubing is mandrel-bent, similar to the MBRP Exhaust System. However, this design helps to keep the EGT low and maximize flow. This system is available in single and dual exits depending on the vehicle. The Banks Power Exhaust System generates a deep, distinctive rumble without irritating cab drone. This system is ideal for boosting exhaust flow and reducing backpressure. The Banks Exhaust System offers an impressive power increase.

Key Features

Mounts easily and clears shocks, brakes, and spare tires
Includes a well-polished stainless steel, straight-through muffler
Depending on the vehicle, the system is available in DPF-back, turbo-back, downpipe-back, or cat-back

There are various types of exhausts available. When considering installing a high performance exhaust system, it is important to select a system that offers increased horsepower and torque. More importantly, ensure that the system offers some key additional features and some type of lifetime warranty.