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We've always got something new we are promoting and want you to share them with you!

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Pro Truck Rides

Check out these rides and see for yourself why Pro Trucks is Pittsburgh's leading auto accessories dealer.

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Performance Exhaust

An upgraded exhaust can mean the difference in horsepower, mileage and sound. Call today for a demo.

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Truck and Car Accessories

No car or truck is complete without personalization. From vent shades, to floor mats- we've got you covered.

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Arctic Start Promo

FULL Line of Arctic Start
Remote Starters and Security Systems for your vehicle.

Remote Starters  |  Alarms |  Drones  |  Keypad Entry  |  RFID tags

We are equipped to install on any vehicle
including manual transmissions and diesel!

Prices starting at 199.95 INSTALLED!!

Call 724-733-9599 for an appointment!

Advanced comfort, revolutionary design. Remote start your car up to 1 mile away, set to start at a desired time, and have your vehicle warm itself up or cool itself down.

Keep a virtual eye on your ride. Comprehensive vehicle security with continuous monitoring of multiple access points.

The most impressive device in your pocket. Robust remote start and security technology for every vehicle.

The remote that operates virtually anywhere, featuring precision vehicle tracking services. Locate, access, and secure your car directly from your smartphone.

Available on iPhone and Android devices.